Online Requests (old system)

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If you haven’t signed up for our Patient Portal yet (highly recommended), you can still use our old system for requests that can wait a while for us to respond, like questions about lab results and making changes in an upcoming appointment that’s at least a week from now.

Please do not use for urgent requests
and give us 2-3 business days to respond.

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New Patient Instructions

Thanks for your interest! If you, or someone you know, would like to become a patient in one of our practices, please call the office you’re interested in first to inquire (Grace Family Medicine at 585-235-2250, or Joy Family Medicine at 585-697-0004), then click here for more information about what’s involved in enrolling as a new patient in our practice.

Getting prescriptions refilled

Prescription refills are best handled through our Patient Portal or by calling your pharmacy and having them send us an electronic refill request. Often prescriptions run out of refills when a patient has missed their regularly scheduled follow up appointment. If this is the case, use our Patient Portal or the form above to request an appointment within a month, and then call your pharmacy and have them request the 1-month extensions you need to cover you until your appointment. Thanks!

Controlled Substance Policy

NYS law prevents us from refilling prescriptions for controlled substances (for pain, ADHD, etc.) without having a “face-to-face encounter” (office visit) with the patient in advance.

If you’re currently enrolled in our practice and are running out a controlled substance prescription, you will need to make an appointment to have the matter handled.

If you’re considering becoming a patient in our practice, please read our Narcotic Policy  first.