Help for Obesity

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Help for Obesity

Eating Large Meals Earlier In The Day May Help Prevent Obesity

On the front of its Science Times Section, the New York Times (8/22, D1, Rabin, Subscription Publication) reports a recent review of 50,000 adult Seventh Day Adventists over seven years offers the latest evidence that “we should front-load our calories early in the day to jump-start our metabolisms and prevent obesity, starting with a robust breakfast and tapering off to a smaller lunch and light supper, or no supper at all.”

In the article, Mark P. Mattson, chief of the National Institute on Aging’s laboratory of neurosciences, said, “Twenty years of work on animals shows that compared to those that have constant access to food, those on intermittent fasting diets live longer, their brains function better as they get older and the nerve cells respond to the period of going without food by increasing their ability to cope with stress.” The findings were published in the Journal of Nutrition.

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